Most popular facebook Marketing Tools Viral Autobots Reviews by The Real User [Honest review]

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viral Autobots Is one of the best facebook marketing tools. This is Real viral Autobots (bumblebee edition) review by the Real user. Hope you get all answer about viral Autobots from this viral Autobots review

viral autobots review
viral Autobots review

What Is Viral Autobots?

Welcome to this Best Viral Autobots Reviews. Viral Autobots Is One of the best Social Media managings cloud-based web software. viral Autobots Or social Autobots Is the best software for manage Social Media Like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more. viral Autobots Also Known as Facebook Autobots, Youtube Autobots and also all other Social Media Autobots. Autobots Use to Find find, MONETISE and schedule the most viral content on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter into your fan pages, shooting your organic reach through the roof & filling up your client’s bank accounts. Basically you are able to cut your spend on ads, watch your organic reach go UP, monetize these updates & have this all scheduled for the next month in just a few seconds.

Short reviews Of Viral Autobots!

  • Official Website:
  • Product Name:  Viral Autobots (Bumblebee Edition)
  • Owner: Luke Maguire
  • Price: $49
  • Rating: 98/100
  • Type of Product:  find, schedule & MONETISE the most viral content
  • Verdict?: LEGIT 
    Discount Codes: get5off

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How viral Autobots Help us For Facebook Marketing?

  •  Crawl Facebook fan pages
  • find the most engaged images and videos (Any Niche)
  • Share them to your own Facebook fan page
  • Download them and then post to your Facebook page
  • Get Unlimited Traffic for your niche and Get Sell

How viral Autobots Help us For Other SMM Marketing?

  • Find Top Niches
  • Find trending Post
  • Collect Trending Post For you
  • Get Viral Traffic For you

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Bonus And Moneyback

viral autobots review

My thoughts

Before I go on, I was once again disappointed by the over-hyped sales page for this product, it made it seem all I had to do was share the most viral images and videos and I would see exponential growth for my page.

Once I got in and had a play around with the software I realized that would not be the case, to make this work, you will have to do a bit of Facebook advertising.

Luckily there is some decent training on Facebook advertising, but I was hesitant to follow it. Since Facebook is continuously updating their algorithm and I didn’t know how relevant the information would be since it has been almost 2 years since the tutorial was made.

Have I grown my Facebook fan page by just posting the content I found on viral autoboots? No, and honestly I didn’t think I would, I will try out some Facebook advertising and see how that goes and will update this review accordingly.


Once again, a product from JVZOO failed to live up to its sales page hype, which is a shame because I believe Viral Autoboots is a decent product. If the sales page let it be known that you will have to do some paid Facebook advertising to make this work I would not have been disappointed but that is not the case.

Also, since I have bought this product, I have not been accepted into the VIP Facebook group which was one of the supposed benefits of purchasing the Bumblebee edition. Maybe the group isn’t as active, who knows but still a negative mark against this product.

Would I recommend this? I am still on the fence, I haven’t been able to make it work for my pages so far,however I will try out Facebook advertising with some of the videos and images and see how I fare.

Have you purchased Viral Autobots? What has your experience been like? Would love to hear your comments on this product if you have used or not

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