About Us

Who We Are?

First thing first, let’s get to know each other! We are digital marketing professionals and we work on SEO or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. We are working as a team to build a digital marketing platform in the context of Bangladesh and contribute to the online-based marketing area.

What We Do

Our main purpose of the site is to serve reviews of different software and tools to our customers. We write about all the details and different features of the software to give our readers and customers a better understanding of it.

It is a customer’s desire to know the details about the product that they are willing to buy. This is where we help our customers to get the knowledge they need about a product. We write and post reviews of different online-based products. 

Not only the reviews we only provide, but we also write about the lifetime deals about those products. Lifetime deals are the expected and best deals for a customer and we try to provide the best out of the bests to them. 

A customer would only buy a product if he or she can get it at the best price. But the problem is there are numerous deals available online for the same product and many of them are fake and irrelevant. So we are giving the readers and customers the best valid and possible one-time purchase deals with the full details of the product to decide whether to buy them or not.

Author’s Bio

Now as we have come a long way, let’s introduce myself! 

Hello! I am Raqibul Mia and I am an online marketing professional. I work on two main topics which are SEO and Affiliate. I have worked hard and soul to build this site and my digital marketing platform. I have always dreamt to build a site like this to give the content readers and customers the best knowledge about a product- any software or tool to help them on making the buying decision. My name is a little different since I’m from Bangladesh. But that’s fine. I believe we can still remain friends.

You can always contact me to get an idea about anything related to digital marketing. Here’s my email:

Contact:  helloraqib121@gmail.com