10X Social Bundle Review & Bonuses 2021

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10xSocial Bundle Review 2021

Combine The Power Of Messenger, SMS & Email For More Engagement. Read this full post about 10X Social Bundle Review hope you able to get more details.

Have you ever missed out on a sale because a Facebook comment or Messenger message didn’t get back to you quickly enough? Or is it difficult to create a list from the number of people who watch your video on Facebook and warm them up? If you handle more than one Facebook account, I believe you would lose a lot of customers, as I did in the past.

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I heard more about Facebook auto-replies before this month. There are two drawbacks.

  • It’s just too costly!
  • Just respond to the post or the Messenger message, not both.

However, a new piece of software has appeared: 10xSocial! Is it true that it increases the value of social media tenfold? Is it all hype, or is it anything more?

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10x Social is a messenger marketing software that combines the power of videos, SMS, and emails to help you generate 10x the number of leads, sales, and results. There has been a slew of “basic” messenger apps released in the past, but none that cross niches and aid in sales as long as they have a steady stream of traffic. If they don’t have that, the app will help them generate traffic. 

It’s a high-quality commodity that any marketer should have. 10xSocial helps you to automate the sending of personal video messages and email follow-ups inside Facebook Messenger. 10xSocial uses SMS and E-mails in a specific way to follow up with leads, ensuring that you never miss a lead on Facebook again. It also comes with a slew of other features.

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Consumers Would Rather Watch A Video Than Read About A Product: 66 percent of consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product. Using a video on a landing page boosts conversion rates by 80%. 91 percent of advertisers are pleased with the return on investment from social media video marketing. 84 percent of people claim that watching a brand’s video persuaded them to purchase a product or service.

10xSocial will help you send, schedule, record, convert, combine, and create automated video messages with ZERO technical knowledge.

If you buy 10xSocial now from this link, you’ll get the vendor’s best incentives, which will help you a lot in the marketing industry (plus my ultimate big bonuses at the end of this 10xSocial Review, but first read the entire review). get10xsocial

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Personal License and Commercial License are the two projects. There is a ten-dollar difference in price, but the Commercial License includes an extra feature as well as two and three bonuses, so I believe this one is ideal for me (and you).

  • Send video, audio, and voice broadcast messages, as well as picture, carousel, and survey broadcast messages.
  • With just one press, you can schedule/send follow-up SMS.
  • Follow-up emails should be scheduled and sent.
  • You can convert text to speech in any language with 10X Social.
  • During the chat, a chatbot AI will respond to contacts who send you messages on your phone or via email.
  • Personalized Avatars – add a virtual “persona” to the conversation. A human agent or a bot can support the persona.
  • Comment Guards – respond to user comments on your Facebook page with highly interactive content to quickly create a list.
  • Chat Widget – This tool allows guests, prospects, or customers to initiate conversations with you directly from your website.
  • Leads to be Recovered
  • Integration with SMS providers is as simple as clicking a button.
  • Connects to any big autoresponder with ease.
  • Finder of Posts
  • Share with other Facebook parties.
  • Facebook Secret Video Finder – check Facebook for hidden 1000s of related videos in any niche.
  • Subscribers are automatically targeted and segmented using tags.
  • Post Embed – Increase the number of people who see your posts by embedding them on your website, forum, or business page.
  • 10xSocial allows you to provide comment guards to your followers, allowing for more contact between you and your followers or customers. You might ask them important questions about your product, tell them to do something that will generate more leads, or provide them with additional information about your product or service.

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Who Can Get Benefit From 10xSocial?

  • Entrepreneurial Digital Marketers
  • Marketers who work as affiliates
  • Creators of Courses
  • Coaches are people who help others.
  • Local Advertisers

10xSocial Vs The Other Tools

10xSocial is the best Facebook marketing app I’ve ever used; it can also be used on other sites and is tailored to digital marketers. Particularly for those who want to generate more leads in a short period of time without spending money on advertising. 10xSocial was created to help both online and offline business owners by generating cheap and efficient traffic to their goods and websites, YouTube channels, social media accounts, and other traffic-intensive online platforms.

And if at some point during this time you feel that 10xSocial has fallen short of your standards, simply send a message to the Support Desk and your full refund will be processed immediately.

As a result, you will be eligible for a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase from the official 10xSocial website, you are purchasing risk-free apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of campaigns I can create?
You can build 100 or 1000 campaigns, depending on the license you want today.
Is it okay if I use this for clients?
Without a doubt! 10X SOCIAL was created to assist you in developing personalized video messenger campaigns and generating revenue. You can create such campaigns for clients in every industry and charge top dollar for them.
Is a money-back guarantee available?
They care about your success. As a result, to ensure that you get off to a flying start. They consist of:[insert info about bonuses]
Is a money-back guarantee available?
They care about your success. As a

result, to ensure that you get off to a flying start. They consist of:[insert info about bonuses]

Why People Should Believe It?

10xSocial review is the best app for digital product owners who want to boost revenue while lowering advertisement costs. Social media influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other online business owners can use 10xSocial to drive traffic to their site, YouTube video, social media profile, product, service, and more.

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